Following in the footsteps of everyone from comedian Russell Brand to "truth-seeker" James O'Keefe to musicians Die Antewoord, political blogger and John McCain scion Meghan McCain showed up at Zuccotti Park this afternoon to take in the sights and sounds of Occupy Wall Street: "had some interesting conversations, heard some really sad stories. Column soon to follow..." she tweeted, along with the above picture of herself.

Of course, as soon as she tweeted that, some of her own followers began scolding her for appearing behind enemy trenches, and for daring to speak with hippies: "You're talking to the "other side." In our political environment, that's treason. smh..." tweeted @HawksBearsCubs. She tried reasoning with them: "I went down to #OccupyWallstreet to hear their side of the story and get research for my column. Don't understand what the big deal is," she tweeted.

But then, some people interpreted her "don't understand what the big deal is" the wrong way: "No, I meant a big deal that I visited not the movement itself." She just can't win with these people! McCain of course graduated from Columbia University, a school with a long and proud history of activism. Maybe McCain's column will convince her father—who has previously said he is "intrigued" by the protests—to come see it in the flesh. Or even better, maybe McCain can work her magic and get our favorite filthy rich 1%er (and her future employer) Donald Trump to take a peek.