A New Jersey family's trip to the beach briefly turned into that scene from Blues Brothers, when the drawbridge they were driving on began to rise, leaving the driver no choice but to slam on the gas and jump the damn thing.

The glorious leap happened earlier this month, as the Naphys family was driving over the Middle Thorofare Bridge en route to dinner in Cape May, New Jersey.

"We got near the end of the span that was lifting—we were nearly hanging off—and my wife says, 'I think the bridge is rising,'" Terence Naphys told Gothamist. "So I jumped on the gas and flew over it and landed on the concrete on the other side."

Everyone in the car—Terence, his wife, his daughter and his daughter's friend—were uninjured. Their Toyota RAV4 sustained some minor damages in the jump.

"I didn't even stop to think about it—we were at a point where if I didn't do what I did we would've flipped and fallen 65 feet into the water," the driver added.

According to Naphys, the operator who collects the toll told him to proceed, unaware that a second operator had opened the bridge for a passing fishing boat.

Local police told NBC New York that radio communication was down, and the operator believed the car would clear the bridge in time. The Cape May County Bridge Commission is currently investigating the incident.

While Naphys is proud of his white-knuckle heroics, he says he's officially retired from jumping the Middle Thorofare Bridge.

"Oh, I'll never cross that bridge again," he said. "No way."