Photographs of Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta and the FDNY report by Bebeto Matthews

The Fire Department released its report into the fatal seven-alarm fire at the former Deutsche Bank building yesterday, and there doesn't seem to be one focus for the blame. Instead, there are many: Per the Daily News, it "blames the FDNY for not conducting mandatory inspections; the Buildings Department for not issuing a formal permit for demolition and the building's contractor for shoddy work that turned the condemned skyscraper into a death trap."

The fire claimed the lives of two firefighters, Joseph Garffagnino and Robert Beddia. Other issues highlighted by the report include the firefighters' decision to improvise, like using their oxygen tanks for too long, removing their face pieces, ignoring warnings. The FDNY was quick to say, “This is not about blaming anyone. This report is an operational critique for firefighters and fire officers, written by specially trained safety officers with the goal of obtaining what we call ‘lessons learned,’ to learn the lessons of this fire; to not have a repeat of this tragedy; to find the truth. That is the purpose of this report."

Other findings: It took construction workers 13 minutes to report the fire (apparently started by a cigarette, even though smoking was not allowed in the under-deconstruction building) and a number of "Mayday" and "Urgent" calls were issued, but many weren't heard. The Manhattan DA's office is continuing its criminal investigation.