The FDNY has not had a good couple of weeks. The big story was that this past weekend, it was discovered that there was a basement "sex shrine" at an embattled Bronx firehouse. Last summer, a woman alleged that she was raped by firefighters in the firehouse, after striking up a relationship with a firefighter in an Internet chatroom, and the Department of Investigations had been evaluating the firehouse. One of the pieces of evidence was a lipstick-stained FDNY shirt; the NY Post said was proof of sordid orgies, putting a picture of the shirt on the front cover Saturday, but the Daily News says that it was actually an "innocent memento" from women who worked at Ground Zero, feeding firefighters. Still, the firehouse had been nicknamed "Animal House" and had pictures of naked women in the basement.

And it's not that great when a FDNY spokeman gets nailed for coke possession. Mike Loughran, who is a civilian member of the FDNY and was arrested for snorting coke on in midtown over a week ago, claims a friend handed him a bag of coke. When he saw a police officer, Loughran "faked a yawn and tossed a Ziploc bag full of white powder onto the low, cigarette-littered rooftop of a nearby restaurant." But the police weren't fooled; they got the bag and charged him. Just think - there used to be a time when the big problem at firehouses was toxic urinal deodorizers.