In what may be the least shocking news item of the day, a group of drunk off-duty firefighters got a little rowdy and hit on women yesterday afternoon. But at least one NYC resident refused to accept the status quo and complained to the department after witnessing the debauchery. Rebeca Izquierdo, a former inspector with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, says a party bus "blasting hip-hop and reggaeton" pulled up at Allen and Stanton streets around 2 p.m. and released 30 firefighters, who had come from the department's annual Medal Day ceremony. She tells the Post, "They were all in uniform with open containers and they were soliciting young girls to get on the bus." When she called the FDNY to complain about their behavior, she says one firefighter told her, "It's Medal Day, there's nothing I can do." And the owner of a nearby deli reports, "They bought 20 six packs of Coors Light and Bud Light. They were drunk already." But come on, it's Medal Day, and that's only four beers each! Nevertheless, an FDNY spokesman promised to look into the matter.