First responders with the FDNY and NYPD say the motorcycle rider pinned under a car after an accident in Brooklyn yesterday morning died from injuries sustained during the crash—not because the car slipped off its jack during the rescue attempt. The Ford Taurus that hit him had been raised up about four feet when it fell, and a witness says she saw firefighters arguing with each other. The car slipped, and she heard one of the firefighters shout, "What the f--- is wrong with you?!"

But an NYPD source tells the Post that both departments wooden had put chocks in place, which kept the car from crushing City College student Karam Rampersaud. He'd been riding his Kawasaki Ninja to school when he collided with the Taurus, which turned in front of him on Loring Avenue at Forbell Street and dragged him almost 30 feet before the 70-year-old driver stopped. "He was wiggling his hands like he wanted help," witness Javanna Lewi tells the News. "He was all broken up underneath. His legs were twisted."

The Post has obtained upsetting cell phone video of the car falling, but it's unclear whether it crushed Rampersaud, or if he was in fact protected by the chocks. "I'm not going against them," Rampersaud's grandfather told the News. "They save a lot of lives. But one mistake. Lifting a car off a man is not like lifting a cardboard box—a car is heavy."

The driver of the Taurus—who was reportedly in hysterics at the scene and yelling at EMTs after the car fell—was issued a summons for failing to yield.