2005_05_blackhawkheli.jpgThe FDNY is looking into getting their own helicopters, instead of relying on the NYPD's choppers. The proposed FDNY helicopters would be much larger than the current NYPD ones, as they would be able to dump 1,000 gallons of water and evacuate victims. The NY Post says a FDNY source says that getting an FDNY-copter would not help the NYPD vs. FDNY feud over emergency management pecking order, but L.A., Chicago, and San Diego already have rescue helicopters, which was a surprising fact to Gothamist. The cost of a helicopter would be $15-20 million, and the FDNY would hope to get the money from the Department of Homeland Security (probably since the city claims to not have enough money for the FDNY, given the firehouse closings). Having a rescue copter seems like a no-brainer to Gothamist, especially with the potential of high-rise fires, but how the NYPD and FDNY dance around each other's feelings could get messy - we expect the Mayor to be a pawn.