The FDNY is launching an internal probe into a defaced image of President Obama on a large toolbox visible inside Engine 45, Ladder 58 in the Bronx. As you can see, the toolbox featured a variety of graffiti, including the police sketch of the Unabomber and words that had been covered with black tape until only "ET ME!!!" was visible. (GET SOME, perhaps? Or maybe SWEET GNOME!!!) Then there's the stencil image of Obama, with the word HUSTLER stenciled over it. Underneath, to tie it all together, someone scrawled Allah Akbar.

"Racism is alive and well in America, and the Fire Department is evidence of that," John Coombs, president of the Vulcan Society, the organization of black firefighters, tells the Daily News. "Whoever the supervisors are, they need to be suspended, and real examples made [of them]. The day it went up, it should have been taken down. It's anti-Fire Department policy... we're fighting institutional racism, but it's actually deeper than that, it's cultural."

Of the roughly 11,500 NYC firefighters, 91% are white and only 350 are black. In January a federal judge called the lack of diversity "a persistent stain on the Fire Department’s record." It's unclear if the city has any Muslim firefighters.