[UPDATE BELOW] Soho resident Ian D. was biking along MacDougal Street last night when he came upon this stunning sight: An FDNY EMT ambulance parking it in the green bike lane. Never to be outdone by the NYPD, it seems the FDNY is putting these newfangled bike lanes to good use, too! But before we rush to judgment, isn't it possible the EMTs were, you know, responding to an emergency? That's what our man Ian thought, too. But what he found in the front seat may not shock you. He writes:

I took these photos last night of an FDNY EMT crew parked in the bike lane on MacDougal St. just below W. 3rd St. in Greenwich Village at 6:02 p.m. I assumed that they must have been responding to someone's dire medical condition—until I got to the front of the ambulance, where I saw both EMTs were fast asleep. At least I give them credit for already being in position should one of the cyclists they forced into the traffic be squished under a cab. But what is most frustrating is that the opposite curb was totally empty. If they had cared enough to have pulled to the other side they wouldn't have been jeopardizing anyone's safety.

Because the photo is a little dark, we had our boys down in the Gothamist photo lab zoom in on the front seats. As you can see, the evidence could be interpreted to suggest that the driver's really sawing wood. Of course, the more plausible explanation is that he's just breathing through his mouth as they both blink simultaneously right at the very moment that some whiny cyclist took their photo.

UPDATE: In response to an inquiry, an FDNY spokesman tell us, "We are looking into this incident. Routinely EMS units will be parked at intersections and other areas around the city waiting to respond to emergency calls as needed. Last year, FDNY EMS responded to over 1.2 million of these emergency calls."