The FDNY is investigating a recent incident involving an EMT who was caught on video driving without his hands on the steering wheel and looking away from the road for extended periods as he sang along to Bowling For Soup’s song “1985." Yes, it's pretty stupid:

EMT Eric Stone, 22, could face disciplinary action after the video, taken by his partner Sebastian Vazquez, was shared on Vazquez's Instagram, with the caption "My partner for the evening is a ­f-king lunatic." (The Instagram account, "@thatdorkyemt," has since been deleted, sadly.) The video was subsequently shared on another Instagram account, @firstrespondersofnyc, which has also been deleted, but not before the NY Post caught wind of it. The tabloid reports that responses to the video included warnings that it was a "bad idea posting this."

An FDNY spokesman said the incident is currently under investigation. One retired FDNY paramedic tells the Post Stone should be fired: "Taking your hands off the wheel of a 6-ton ambulance puts people’s lives at risk. He’d rather ‘vogue’ for the camera than pay attention to the road."

The video made news less than a month after an FDNY ambulance driver struck and killed an 89-year-old man who was walking in Queens. And in August, an FDNY ambulance driver struck and killed an 81-year-old man walking in the East Village.