According to the FCC, the switch to digital television has been smooth. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said, "It's looking more like Y2K than the Bay of Pigs," while acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps used a baseball analogy, "We're safe on third right now... We all need a bit of patience and perseverance. This is a momentous change and it'll take time to get it right." About 800,000 people have called the FCC's hotline in the past week and a little over 400,000 called on the Friday and Saturday, which is lower than the 600,000-3 million calls the agency expected for the first day of transition; on Friday, most calls came from the NYC market. However, some people found themselves needing to buy new, stronger antennas. The FCC says it will keep staff available to answer questions on the hotline until the end of June, at least. Here's the FCC's DTV guide.