The FBI is still on the search for Donna Borup, a woman who threw acid in the face of a Port Authority Cop at JFK Airport, way back in 1981. The FBI hasn't been able to track Borup down, so it just released a statement and an updated picture of what she might look like today in order to hopefully get some solid leads.

According to the FBI, on September 26, 1981, Borup — a member of a Communist radical group that advised members to use violence to overthrow the government — tossed an acid mixture into the eyes officer Evan Goodstein, partially blinding him. Borup was there disrupting an anti-apartheid demonstration, and was promptly arrested. It should be noted that these are not the typical actions of a Communist.

When Borup failed to show up for her trial, a warrant was issued for her arrest. However, authorities haven't had any luck, and Borup remains on the run. If — while hunkering down this weekend to avoid Irene — you should come up with any information about Borup, the FBI wants to know. "Borup has been on the run for too long and deserves to be brought to justice for her alleged attack against a law enforcement officer," said said Supervisory Special Agent Tim Flannelly. "We’re asking the public to look at these photos and to contact the FBI if they recognize Borup."