2008_06_brunosen.jpgWhile State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno has denied his surprising decision not to seek re-election had anything to do with the FBI's investigation into his finances, the FBI hauled away a "massive volume" of Bruno's records, dating back to 1995. The Post says the FBI seized the documents hours before Bruno's Monday afternoon announcement.

In 2006, Bruno announced that he was under investigation, for various deals involving land, racehorses, and labor unions. Interestingly, the Daily News reports that Bruno's lawyer contacted the FBI to see if his stepping-down "would help end" the FBI probe. But the FBI did not make a deal. And the Times Union says the documents were requested months ago, but the Senate "delayed responding to the request."

Bruno has spent the past 32 years in politics and is currently the most powerful Republican in NY State. Today, the Times notes Bruno's "astonishing Albany jujitsu"--Bruno made himself the sympathetic figure against crusading Eliot Spitzer during Troopergate.