Investigators from the FBI and NYPD have descended onto a house in Brooklyn's Sea Gate section, in hopes of finding clues around the disappearance of Irina Malezhik (pictured). A tipster called the authorities, saying that she could be buried in the basement of Dmitriy and Julia Yakovlev's home. Malezhik, a 47-year-old Russian translator who worked on federal cases including those involving the Russian mob, was last seen on October 15, 2007; the Daily News reports, on that very day, "checks bearing her forged signature were deposited in the Yakovlevs' joint bank account. The next day the couple allegedly obtained a credit card in Malezhik's name and a woman matching Julia's description made purchases of wrist watches from a Brooklyn jeweler and other items at a Century 21 department store in Westbury, L.I." Dmitriy Yakovlev is still in jail after being arrested last month (his wife is out on $500,000 bail) and his lawyer maintained the couple's innocence. An acquaintance of Malezhik told WCBS 2, "If she was involved with the Russians they'll never find her."