Recently, Long Island Rep. Peter King accused the Muslim community of being uncooperative with police and the FBI, and has planned Congressional hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in America. It turns out the FBI agrees that many Muslims are unhelpful, but says Muslims aren't the only ones who don't give them tips; the Mafia and MS-13 keep their lips sealed, too. One FBI source told the Daily News, "Criminals are criminals. It gets dicier because Muslim extremists wrap their work in religion, but the smokescreens, the silence and intimidation are similar." But some patriots say the FBI is just spreading a message of complacency, because "Muslim extremists" have already taken over the FBI!

Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! for America, founded "because Islamic militants have declared war on America," recently told the Times, "America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America. They have infiltrated us at the CIA, at the FBI, at the Pentagon, at the State Department. They are being radicalized in radical mosques in our cities and communities within the United States." The group is planning an “Open a Koran” day in September, where they will hand out pamphlets highlighting verses that they believe condone violence. One fan in Texas (where all the Muslims live) said, “She really opened up my eyes about Islam. I didn’t realize it was so infiltrated in the schools, everywhere.”

King also says he has hard proof of the secretive nature of many Muslim communities. At Thursday's hearing, relatives of radicalized Muslim Americans will testify that their communities did not cooperate with federal investigations like that of Burhan Hassan, who joined a terror group on Somalia in 2008. "He'll show how the community did not help. They tried to obstruct the FBI," King said of Hassan's uncle Abdirizak Bihi. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has also reportedly assigned someone from his staff to work with King on his investigation for the next two years. We've contacted the NYPD for more information on just what this person will do.

But what of the 1.5 billion Muslims who really just want to go about their everyday lives and "love this country as much as any Christian or Jew loves his country." At least one NYPD source worries that all this anti-Muslim speech could be pushing the more moderate Muslims right into the hands of extremists. "When people hear 'witch hunt,' that can't be good for us," he said. King says he would "intervene" if it went beyond a certain point, but when his supporters are so focused on the imagined threat of Sharia law, where do you draw the line?