The bomb threats aimed at Jewish community centers across the country are now getting federal attention. A law enforcement source told the NY Post, "The FBI has taken the lead on this. Obviously, it’s been happening nationally for the past three months or so. We believe it’s the same guy."

At this point, more than 100 JCCs have been targeted. The incidents were denounced by President Trump during his address to the joint session of Congress last night (hours after allegedly suggesting some of them may have been "false flag" instances).

On Monday, over a dozen threats were called in, including three in NYC, two in Westchester and one on Long Island. The Post reports:

Because bombs have yet to be found in any of the incidents, authorities believe the threats are the work of a single caller. "He’s definitely some nut job," the law enforcement source said. "He's masking his phone number whenever he calls.... For the past three months, he's phoned in bomb threats to Jewish centers across the country and nothing ever happens. That's not a terrorist. That's a nut."

Well, that sure narrows it down. This morning Governor Cuomo addressed the recent wave of anti-Semitic incidents during an appearance at the Sidney Albert Albany JCC: "It doesn’t seem like it’s getting better. If anything, it seems like it’s getting worse. This is repugnant to everything we believe as New Yorkers. It is an act of cowardice. It suggests a basic misunderstanding of who we are as New Yorkers and what we believe as New Yorkers."

Cuomo added, "It’s especially reprehensible when you think these Jewish Community Centers often primarily handle children. They offer day care. They offer pre-K services. So these threats are against children. And when you talk of really ugly, reprehensible behavior, I don't think there's anything worse than racist activity, bigoted activity and targeting facilities that serve our children."

The governor will also being going to Israel in a few days, according to the NY Times: "Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, already provoking talk of presidential ambitions in 2020, announced he would make a quick weekend trip to Israel, at a moment when the handling of Jewish issues is percolating through the national political debate."