The FBI questioned an Army veteran in Texas last night in connection to a series of letters mailed to Mayor Bloomberg and his non-profit Mayors Against Illegal Guns that contained the poisonous chemical ricin.

The FBI began questioning the man after his wife found incriminating evidence and contacted the FBI. According to the Post's source, his wife “found a Tupperware [container] with what looks like ricin in the refrigerator.” Of course, the Post has been very wrong before, and the FBI has also bungled recent ricin investigations.

According to the Post's source, the suspect had "Googled Obama and Bloomberg.” The unidentified veteran had been doing contract work for the Department of Defense. The letter had a Shreveport, La., postmark, however the Shreveport postal center processes mail from Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas, so the letter could have originated in any of those states.

The letters focused on Bloomberg's stance on gun control, reportedly conveying the message, "Anyone who comes for my guns will be shot in the face," according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris, in an email to city employees, wrote that the ricin wasn't sophisticated enough to pose a threat to anyone who came in contact with it. “For [ricin] to be harmful, it needs to be inhaled, ingested or injected . . . The substance involved did not appear to be in a form that could be inhaled or otherwise readily ingested. Touching the envelope or letter should not be a risk," she wrote.

A letter containing ricin was also sent to President Obama last week. Authorities have already arrested a Spokane, Wash. man in connection with the letter, and don't believe the two incidents are connected.