2008_05_nordawn.jpgWhile bad weather stopped the search for a New Jersey woman who disappeared from a Norwegian Dawn cruise ship off the coast of Atlantic City, the FBI is now investigating her disappearance.

The ship had left NYC for Bermuda on Sunday, and the 46-year-old woman went missing around 7:50 p.m. on Sunday. The woman's mother, Louise Jordan, told a TV station her daughter's boyfriend called her from the ship, "What he told me on the phone was she fell over the railing and fell to something down on a lower deck and that he ran to try and save her but she lost her grip and fell."

And Jordan told the Post her daughter is less than 5 feet tall, "The railing is four feet high - that's up to her chest. How do you fall over the railing when you're that short?"

The Coast Guard had dispatched two helicopters to search for the woman, until the heavy wind and rain stopped the effort. WNBC's Jonathan Dienst says the FBI will try to determine whether the woman's disappearance was caused by accident or was the result of foul play