The FBI is digging up a vacant lot in Queens, looking for bodies of Gambino crime family victims. The Feds think the body of Gotti neighbor John Favara, who had accidentally run over John Gotti's 12 year-old son in 1980, is buried at Ruby Street and Blake Avenue. Gotti's widow says John didn't order the hit (they were conveniently out of town), but Gothamist has to side with the Feds on this one: People usually die when they kill mobsters' children. What's also interesting is that Gotti is described as being an "up-and-comer" in the Gambino family at the time. The Post notes that other bodies suspected to be buried in the lot "include Tommy DeSimone — the crazy hit man portrayed by Joe Pesci in the flick 'GoodFellas' — and Bonanno capos Dominick 'Big Trin' Trinchera and Philip 'Philly Lucky' Giaccone."

The FBI's site about organized crime and Court TV's Crime Library on the Gambino Crime Family. It's true that the public has an unhealthy fascination with the mob, but how can when we not, when it's like a microcosm of society, with more guns and Italian food? The Goodfellas new two-disc DVD has commentary by Henry Hill, the gansgster whose life story the movie is based on. Other good mob movies: Carlito's Way, Donnie Brasco, and of course The Godfather. And two TV shows: Wiseguy and The Sopranos