Text messaging enthusiast Brett Favre turns 41 today, but it may be a bitersweet 10/10/10 for him: he has been accused of sexually harassing at least three women during the year he played for the Jets, the NFL is investigating the allegations, and his throwing arm has become a concern to the Vikings. All of the allegations have some sports writers wondering: how come this only happened in NY?

Or moreover, is this indicative of a culture in the Jets world that is seriously messed up? The NFL is not only investigating Favre, but also what the Jets role in the harassment might have been ("whether a member of the Jets public relations staff acted as an intermediary"). Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog believes the allegations that Favre approached former Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger are true, and examines the tawdry side of Jets culture: "Over the past months since this story was first hinted at by Deadspin, I’ve had this story confirmed to me by multiple independent sources who knew about this, saw the pictures, etc. But beyond just Favre’s inappropriate actions, I’m also talking about the Ines Sainz incident, and yes…even the Gate D situation of a few years back... No matter what the team might say, there is a pattern here."

The NY Times points out importantly that, "No woman has put her name behind claims of sexual harassment by Brett Favre. We have to start there, and with a presumption of innocence." Though this isn't Brett Favre's first brush with bad publicity (vicodin addiction, the divorce from Green Bay, the retirement sagas), the News opines that "Deadspingate has got to be the most humiliating for this husband, father and grandfather."