For nearly two weeks, we've filled our dull days and sleepless nights with merciless anticipation, waiting and wondering if and when Jenn Sterger would talk to the NFL about being the victim of sexting abuse at the hands of football legend Brett Favre. The former Jets in-house sideline reporter finally spoke to officials yesterday, accompanied by her lawyer and her manager for an interview we imagine was more bone-chilling than the climactic Jack Nicholson courtroom scene in A Few Good Men. And it sounds like she gave them the truth they couldn't handle: "We can confirm that a meeting took place with the NFL today and we cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials in our possession. We now await the NFL's decision," said Sterger's manager, Phil Reese. And we don't think "substantial materials" refers to Favre's banana (Instant Rimshot).

That "substantial material" could include cell phone texts and pictures which Favre allegedly sent Sterger during his 2008 residency with the Jets, including several pics of his penis, and at least one with him reportedly masturbating while wearing a pair of Crocs. Favre has already admitted to leaving Sterger a voicemail in 2009, after leaving the Jets. Reese also said that Sterger gave the NFL "a substantial amount [of information] beyond what had already been reported" about Favre's sextual advances.

The league must now weigh whether or not Favre violated the NFL's personal conduct policies, or if he was involved in workplace harassment. And if they deem him guilty of either one, he could face a fine or suspension, potentially ending his NFL record of 293 consecutive starts at quarterback. Favre is not letting the Sterger investigation get in the way of his record-breaking third (or fourth, depending on whether you fell for the trap of thinking he was retiring last season) retirement announcement. The 41-year-old grandfather reiterated to the NFL Network that his 20th season would be his be-all-end-all last one, no joke you guys. Hopefully once he's retired, he can have a good chuckle over all his recent bad luck.