Pity the NYU admissions officer who thinks about rejecting 17-year-old Rena Senisi, whose father was stabbed to death by a stranger in 2007 on his way to buy a carton of milk for his daughter's cereal. Senisi (pictured here with her late father and brother) has written a moving account of that fateful day for her application essay, which was also read at the killer's sentencing yesterday. According to the Post, it describes how she "rushed downstairs to find my dad lying there on the ground moaning. I took his head in my hands, saw a little drop of blood on his chin, and ran upstairs to call my aunt and grandma...It would be an honor, an award, and a break for me from this rough period in my life if I could attend NYU." Horrible and tragic, so it's safe to say she's a lock, because obviously the university's going to want to avoid headlines like, "Heartless NYU Rejects Poor Daughter of Murdered Brooklyn Man." And the killer was sentenced to 22 years in jail.