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A recent video of a subway surfer standing up on a 7 train and riding through Sunnyside has received a ton of internet attention, but the father of the man seen riding on the roof of the train says that his son suffers from mental illnesses and that one of his friends puts him up to all of his stunts.

Joseph Guttilla, the father of subway surfer Christopher Gutilla (whose surfing stunts are posted to Instagram under the handle mr.bakermann), told the Post that his 24-year-old son is obsessed with trains because he has autism and also suffers from unnamed mental illnesses. He also said that the person who runs the @mr.bakermann account is just using his son.

"Christopher is easily manipulated by someone with a fast tongue," Gutilla told the paper, accusing the friend who runs the account of exploiting Christopher for viral fame.

A police source also told the Post that the younger Gutilla is suspected of tagging up a number of subway stations with graffiti recently. The News reports that police are currently hunting for Gutilla, and that the chef of the city's Transit Police tweeted out a photo of him in a an attempt to locate the daredevil. Earlier this year, Gutilla spoke to Mass Appeal about his love of subway surfing and why he does it. "That inanimate object’s family to me and the rest of us obsessed with trains. The train’s all I got," he told the site.