The father of the 21-month old girl who was shot in the face in the crossfire of a Staten Island shootout in September was caught yesterday with 66 baggies of crack and cocaine strapped to his genitals with a rubber band. Michael Bailey, 28, was stopped by police for erratic driving yesterday, and arrested for pot possession—but when police searched him, they found the other narcotics. “I do what I have to, to make money and survive,” Bailey allegedly told police, according to the Post.

In September, Samyah Bailey was inadvertantly shot in the face after a teen gunman got into a fight with Michael and his brother—a fight which may have started because the shooter, Damark King, was once involved with Samyah's mother, 22-year-old Stephanie Mahoney. Samyah lost her eye as a result, but doctors said she made a "miracle" full recovery otherwise.

Bailey and Mahoney were stopped in their 1998 Nissan Maxima yesterday afternoon for for erratic driving near the Arlington Terrace high-rises where the shooting occurred. Bailey initially refused to open the door, and when he did, pot fell out from his lap. Bailey was later patted down at the 120th Precinct station house in St. George, which is where police discovered 55 bags of crack cocaine and 11 bags of coke, all stuffed in a large plastic bag that was attached to Bailey’s penis with a rubberband. Mahoney was set free, but Bailey was arrested and charged with drug possession.