2006_11_slash.jpgYesterday morning, a Bronx man used his building's emergency call box to say he had killed his son. When police and firefighters arrived, Jose Stable told them he slashed the throat of his 12 year old son. Ulysses was found nude in a bathtub; police also found "two knives possibly used in the attack, and a bucket with bloody water."

Ulysses was autistic, and Stable reportedly said, "I just couldn't take it anymore. My son is just a handful." According to Newsday, Ulysses was "big for his age and physically aggressive." The Daily News reports that Ulysses was 280 pounds; a neighbor said, "The son would always come and shake my hand. He was harmless." Another neighbor told the Post, "He goes up to people and hits them. He was kicking my car the other day."

Stable was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Sadly, it turns out that the Administration for Children's Services tried to remove Ulysses from his home, but a family court judge ruled that he should stay with his father. ACS visited the home twice a week. The authorities are looking for the mother, who moved out years ago.