2008_08_bkabuse.jpgA Brooklyn three-year-old's death has led to the police to charge her father with murder and her mother with endangering the welfare of a child. Little Ginelis Jiminez, who weighed only 24 pounds, was allegedly punched in the chest by her father Michael Jimenez, who later grabbed her causing her to fall against the side of a tub. He later beat her in a chair until she passed out. Her mother Kimberly Cantos, according to WNBC, "is alleged to have heard her daughter’s arm snap and then her scream," but did nothing (Cantos apparently didn't take the girl to the hospital after previous beatings). The child died at Interfaith Hospital. Their 1-year-old son, who was once thrown against a toilet, is now in ACS custody. It's unclear if ACS had previous contact with the family.