The 16-year-old boy fatally shot while sitting on his father's stoop in the Bronx on Saturday night had been told the stay inside by his father, who was reportedly at North Central Bronx Hospital with an unspecified health problem. But Tashawn Bromfield of Meriden, CT went to 7-Eleven with a friend, and sat on the stoop drinking a Slurpee. Police still believe he wasn't the intended target of the drive by shooting, and that the shooting was part of a gang initiation. One witness told WCBS it was an "unfortunate incident. The young man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

About 100 students gathered yesterday afternoon at Maloney- Meriden high school to remember Bromfield. Coach Bob Zito said Bromfield was a popular kid, and had been training all summer in hopes of joining the varsity football team. "He did everything we asked him to do," Zito said. "He started out struggling lifting weights, but by the end of the summer, now, he was right with everybody else. So, the kid worked hard his first time in." Police have made no arrests in connection with the incident, and residents say it's been at least seven years since there was a shooting on the block.