2006_07_59stbridge.jpgA Queens man who was a cameraman for NY1 fell off the Queensboro Bridge yesterday and died later at a hospital. Christian Milin had been walking home with a friend, after hanging out at Manhattan bars, when police believe he slipped and fell onto an exit ramp, suffering "massive injuries." The Post reports the friend (described as "shaken" and "distraught") as saying:

Honestly, we probably shouldn't have been walking on that point of the bridge. I don't know if [Milin] tripped or slipped... We decided we were going to be adventurous. We decided we were going to walk across the bridge.

The friend also "admitted that drinking probably impaired their judgment."

NY1's item about Milin's death says, "The NY1 family is mourning the loss of one of its own...An accomplished cameraman and a dedicated jack-of-all-trades, Milin shot stories, conducted interviews, and provided production support all over the city for both NY1 and NY1 Noticias. In 2005 he accompanied NY1 Noticias reporter Alejandra Soto to Honduras for a special report from that country."

Photograph from rachelleb