2006_12_taishawn.jpgSome details have emerged about what might have caused Wednesday's brutal fight amongst teenagers in Union Square that left one teen dead and two others injured. Yesterday Police Commissioner Kelly said it was a "planned confrontation": Some Washington Irving High School female students were "insulted," so they enlisted their boyfriends at Science Skills High School to defend their honor.

Commissioner Kelly also suggested that the fight could have been gang-related, as some Washington Irving students are members of the Bloods while some Science Skills students could have been in DDP - Dominicans Don't Play. According to an official who spoke to the NY Times, someone whistled to start the fight and the girls' contingent from Science Skills had 15 people "with no plans for a confrontation and found themselves outnumbered." The Daily News reports that the police are reviewing surveillance footage from a nearby store that captured the fight, which involved around 50 teens who used belts, pieces of wood, and bats during the altercation.

The mother of Taishawn Bellevue (pictured), a 17 year old Science Skills student who was killed, said, "I want justice, I don't want [the killer] to die. I want his conscience to eat him up." Glenwood Nobles, who was stabbed in the back but is recovering, said that Taishawn didn't want to be there but was there as his friend. He spoke to the Times:

He said he and Taishawn had not expected such violence.

“It wasn’t gang related,” he said, adding that they had come to pick up one of their friend’s girlfriends. “We were stunned.” He added that if they had come for a fight, “we would have brought weapons.”


Police have increased their presence outside of Washington Irving High School. Coffee Shop co-owner Eric Petterson says that while the violence was surprising, he has seen more fights between young people in Union Square.