2006_10_sidwi.jpgPolice now say Taliyah Taylor, the woman who fatally crashed into a pedestrian in the Arlington section of Staten Island, was on drugs. Taylor had been driving 80-100 MPH when she hit Larry Simon, a former prosecutor; the force of her car was so fast that his legs were severed and his body was thrown 150 feet down the road. After crashing into a couple in another car (the couple was saved by the car's airbags), Taylor's car went airborne, flipped and landed upside near a Kohl's. When police arrived, she was found naked and muttering, "Money, Power, Respect. God wanted me to drive naked." She said she had "taken Ecstasy and smoked purple haze weed" and didn't realize she hit anyone.

Simon had become a defense attorney and the Daily News reported that "Simon is so well-regarded in the Staten Island courthouse that officials had to reach all the way to Long Island to find a lawyer willing to represent Taylor." While his widow was too upset to attend Taylor's court hearing, Simon's 12 year old daughter Alexandra was present.

Taylor's mother said her daughter had psychiatric problems and needed help. In fact, the Post reports that mother Regina McClain called 911 three times to warn them of Taylor, who was at her gradnmother's house.

Police confirm three calls were made. The first at 10:39, 11 minutes before the crash; the second, five minutes later, when Taylor was already in her car; and the third after the crash.

The NYPD acknowledged officers didn't respond to the first call immediately, and said they did not run on the second call because Taylor was gone. In any case, they said a report of a fatal accident takes precedence over a plea for help about a disturbed person.

McClain told the Daily News, "Anybody stripped buck naked and driving around is clearly not in their right mind. She didn't set out to hurt anybody. My heart goes out to [Simon's] family." Taylor was charged with second degree manslaughter and driving while impaired; her attorney entered a not guilty plea.