Yesterday morning, a livery cab crashed into a Bronx bus shelter, killing a 76-year-old man and injuring six others. One woman's foot needed to be amputated: According to the Post, "Witnesses said the sickening impact in Kingsbridge left sprawled pedestrians screaming in pain, with shattered glass embedded in their faces and limbs, and a maimed woman shouting, 'Where's my foot? Where's my foot?'"

Apparently a minivan was making an illegal U-turn on Kingsbridge Road and University Avenue when the livery cab swerved to avoid it. The cab still clipped the van and went right into the shelter. A witness told the Daily News, "It was total mayhem. It was a horrifying scene. I've never seen anything like that, and I hope I [don't] see anything like it again," and "There was so much blood, so much. It was really terrible."

Marcelino Adraneda died after being pinned by the livery cab; his leg had been severed in the crash (his grandson witnessed it). In addition to the woman whose foot was amputated, there was a man with a punctured lung and another woman with a severed foot. The minivan driver was given a summons. A cop confided in the Post, "If it were up to me, I would have had the guy in handcuffs and he would have been arrested. But the DA doesn't want to entertain that."