2008_11_veyberman.jpgThe Brooklyn man who last spring struck a 73-year-old man in an altercation that would eventually prove fatal has gotten off merely with a sentence forcing him to go to anger management counseling. 29-year-old Ernest Cappello was only charged with misdemeanor assault for taking down Maris Veyberman after Cappello's girlfriend claimed that the Russian immigrant had groped her. Authorities believed Cappello's remorseful story that he had no intention of hurting the old man, but Veyberman's family is enraged due to some accounts of the incident. One neighbor told the News, "He punched two to three times. We were all screaming at him, 'Call the cops, call the cops.' The old man, he never expected anything. After the guy went down he gave him a kick with his foot and said, 'Piece of shit' and took off in his car." Cappello's lawyer said, "This is the worst thing that ever happened to him."