The fire that left two four-year-olds dead and other relatives injured was an accident, according to fire officials. The FDNY says that the blaze in a private Far Rockaway, Queens home was started by one of the children who was playing with a lighter.

The children, half-siblings Jai'Launi and Ayina Tinglin, along with Jai'Launi's twin sister, were staying with their grandfather on Saturday when one of the children apparently started to play with a lighter in a basement bedroom. According to WABC 7, "The basement of the home quickly filled with smoke."

The grandfather, 63, was able to take out one four-year-old girl (Jai'Launi's twin) but the NY Times reports, "He tried to rescue the two other children, but the police believe that they got away from him." WABC 7 says he was stopped by firefighters from going back into the house.

Neighbors criticized the response time of EMS and claimed firefighters were also frustrated. Ronda Clarke told the Times, "[The firefighters] were very upset. They were saying, ‘Where is E.M.S.?’" Another neighbor told the Daily News that he called Hatzolah, which apparently got there before EMS, "The drivers came out running to the house."

The fire was called in at 11:51 p.m., according to the FDNY, and firefighters were on the scene five minutes later. However, EMS isn't called until the FDNY can confirm a fire. A FDNY spokesman told the Times, "The building wasn’t ablaze; the location of the fire was in the basement." Still, a neighbor complained, "[EMS workers] were walking, they were taking their time. The firefighters were running, they seemed like they were really trying to save the little boy's life."