2006_11_westsidehiway.jpgA horrible accident occurred on the West Side Highway yesterday afternoon. Police say that Michael Rush was speeding while intoxicated in the southbound lanes near West 92nd Street and rear-ended a SUV. The SUV crashed into the median and burst into flames, and joggers nearby helped pull the driver out of the burning car (the driver suffered a broken pelvis and leg). Then Rush's car crashed and flipped over, killing a woman in the backseat. The passenger, in the front passenger's seat, was the woman's husband and also suffered injuries.

Rush, who was in serious condition at St. Luke's , refused to take a breathalyzer test when police who arrived at the crash believed his breath smelled of alcohol. Other witnesses say his driving was erratic and that he had been weaving in between cars before the crash. The police are awaiting blood tests, but he may be arraigned at his bedside.