A Manhattan butcher whose car broke down on the Bruckner Expressway in the Bronx was fatally hit by another car and flung over the guardrails early Friday morning. It was the same spot where a three-car accident involving NBC newsman Tom Brokaw occurred less than 10 months ago, and which also sent a person flying over the guardrail. "That's so sad, and it really is quite eerie. It sounds to me like that's just a God-awful one-in-a-million coincidence," Brokaw told the Daily News.

Jawaad Abdur-Rahman stepped out of his broken down Lincoln Town Car near Hunts Point in the Bronx; as he inspected his car, another vehicle slammed into him, sending him over the barrier and 75 feet down near the Amtrak tracks. Abdur-Rahman, 64, was driving his girlfriend's son to school just before 9 a.m.; the girlfriend and son were unhurt in the accident, and the other driver has not been charged. "That's always been a very hazardous location. People literally fly off of the Triborough onto the Bruckner Expressway. I have seen 70 mph traffic when it is free-flowing in that area," said Daily News traffic columnist Sam Schwartz.

Back in December 2009, an SUV swerved to dodge a spool of cable, two cars were overturned, and the driver of the SUV hit the guardrail, flying out the window to her death. "I've been driving expressways for 40 years, from California to New York. That one keeps all my nerve endings accessed. We don't drive it as much as we used to," said Brokaw.