Late Wednesday night, four people were shot at the Soho nightclub S.O.B.'s, right before rapper Fat Trel was about to perform. The Washington DC-based performer's manager told the NY Times, "It was chaos. I heard shots, and I immediately ran to my artist," but also added, "It had nothing to do with us. We don’t bring that sort of attention. Our fan base is mainly females."

However, the Daily News reports that it might have been semi-related to Fat Trel—or at least his manager: "..several clubgoers demanded to join a headlining rapper onstage and promote their own music, police sources said Thursday...four men attempted to get on stage with [Fat Trel]... As the four men and Fat Trel's manager argued, someone pulled a 9 mm. handgun and blasted the crowd, wounding the four and sending 400 patrons scrambling for cover."

Richardine Bartee told the Times, "The gunshots came from the stage, and it went into the crowd," and refers to some people from NJ that apparently might have been part of the chaos in a video she posted:

The shooter fled, and police are still investigating the incident. A staffer with XXL wrote, "Okay, I arrived at SOB’s around 10:30 p.m. As I went inside I was patted down and my bag was searched as soon as I got to the door. The security is always on point when it comes to searching attendees, so the outcome of the night was a real head-scratcher for everyone. Now I lived in D.C. for a couple of years and been to a couple of Fat Trel concerts. He’s an artist I enjoy and love to see live. I sensed immediately that the place was definitely filled with tension, which I later found out was a result from a couple of fights that happened earlier on in the night."

Fat Trel posted this video to Instagram: