2006_05_fatman.jpgSorry you didn't get a chance to see David Blaine at Lincoln Center? Wish you could have seen the human spectacle and had all of your important questions answered? How did he hold his breath so long? How did his skin not fall off? How did he, er, handle his business without sullying the crystal clear water he bobbed about in? Well, too bad.

But another sight to behold is Steve Vaught who's been on a 2,843 mile march from Oceanside, CA since April of last year. While some people walk and run for various cancers, childhood diseases, and, hell, to save trees, oceans, and whales, Steve's working through some issues. He shares that he was crippled by an eating disorder and depression after he accidentally killed two pedestrians 15 years ago. And he wears his illness, so to speak, clocking in at about 410 pounds last year. So far, he's dropped about 100 pounds so far and will be ending his journey at the George Washington Bridge pedestrian walkway at 5:30 pm today. So feel free to drop by and cheer him on (even though his people are trying to warn people about not going because of the Port Authority). He's been traveling over a year from California through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and, finally, New York. He's tired, he's hungry, and hey, he's more succesful than Blaine in pulling off the feat of a lifetime.

Steve's own site is Fat Man Walking. And be sure to bookmark Nubella.com, Gothamist Health's favorite nutrition and weight loss website.