Taking cheap shots at the overweight prosecutor in court can be costly: Defense lawyer Raphael Scotto, 62, has been fined $2,500 and barred from city administrative court for mocking husky prosecutor Victor Muallem and making other inappropriate remarks. According to court papers obtained by the Post, Muallem was squeezing between two desks during a sexual-harassment hearing when Scotto cracked, "Tough fit, there, huh?" Real mature.

And when judge Joan Salzman warned Scotto to stop picking on Muallem, she heard Scotto drop an F-bomb! What's next for Scotto, sneaking into the courtroom early and squirting water on the judge's chair? Salzman fined him $2,500 and barred him from city administrative court, but stopped short of making Scotto shake hands with Muallem and apologize. In his defense, Scotto says Muallem was deliberately trying to annoy him with his plus-size rear: "The guy would... rub his buttocks right in our faces."