Yesterday, we stumbled across the Fat Cats Of Wall Street Tumblr, a great place to spend a few minutes procrastinating. But almost as soon as we found the site, we had some questions. So we got in touch with the man behind FCoWS, Christopher Price, to find out exactly what it all means.

As it turns out, Price actually works at Tumblr, so he's well aware of the magic power that fat cats hold over what seems to be the entire internet. "I've been interested in the Occupy movement from the start, but it's been difficult for me to figure out the right way to talk about it," he explained. "Positivity is important to me, and I don't think vilifying one side in a debate like this is ultimately constructive. I support the movement, but it was important to me to find a way to show what's happening while not getting bogged down into negativity or an argumentative voice."

Price has some highly scientific analysis on why FCoWS works: One: "It depicts the reality of the situation on the ground while personifying the antagonists into something funny and whimsical," and Two: "Said personification takes place in the form of fat felines, which my research shows that people tend to enjoy looking at." See? It's science!

Feel free to submit your own soulless fat cats here.