One feline is probably hoping the Eurozone crisis is resolved sooner than later. The Guardian reports, "Tommaso, a four-year-old, one-time stray from Rome, is thought to have become the world's richest cat. Since the death of his 94-year-old mistress last month, he has become a property magnate — or perhaps mognate — with flats and houses worth an estimated €10m scattered from Milan in the north to Calabria in the south." Which works out to over $13.385 million!

Cats—and other animals—are unable to inherit directly in Italy, but they can be named as a beneficiary if there is a trustee. Lawyers for Maria Assunta, who did not have children, unsuccessfully tried to find organizations to help care for the cat and his holdings.

In the meantime, the old lady met a fellow cat-lover - named only as Stefania - in a park. "Sometimes I'd go to her house so my cat could play with Tommaso," Stefania said.

As the old lady became increasingly frail, Stefania, a nurse, began to take care of her.

"She needed someone to help her move around, shower and eat. I looked after until the end," she said.

Assunta decided to give Stefania her precious cat; Stefania said, "I had no idea the signora had such wealth."

Here is an adorable picture of Tommaso with Stefania's cat! Molte bene. And, while we're at it, R.I.P., Trouble Helmsley.