2008_04_katieanderson.jpgAs rumors about Katie Couric leaving the CBS Evening News early next year continue to simmer, the Daily News offers one suggestion from a network (CBS? CNN?) "insider": "Take Katie off the 'Evening News,' let her to do Larry King, and then let [Anderson] Cooper anchor" the CBS Evening News.

Of course, the suggestion for Couric to take over Larry King's talk show seems to have come from Couric herself, during a chat she, her agent, the president of CBS and the chairman of CBS all had in February. King's contract is up next summer, and that would give Couric a couple months break, if she does leave her 5-year $75 million CBS contract early next year as suggested. Then again, a CNN spokesperson said, "Larry is going to be here for a long time.”

Besides Cooper, who already contributes to 60 Minutes, names mentioned in the CBS Evening News anchor derby include Harry Smith from the Early Show; Bob Schieffer, who was the rather successful interim anchor between Rather and Couric; former WCBS, now CBS Saturday Early Show's Chris Wragge; 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley; and NBC's David Gregory (the News says CBS is "enamored" with him).

As for Couric, the Times says all the gossip has made her a "virtual lame duck," especially as her "close associates" say things like this, "If you ask me, will she fulfill her contract with CBS, that I doubt.”