Republican gubernatorial candidate John Faso was relentless when he went up against Attorney General, Democratic candidate and gubernatorial frontrunner Eliot Spitzer. Faso said that Spitzer doesn't "get" that New Yorkers pay too much in taxes and added, "Maybe it's because he doesn't pay any school taxes himself," because Spitzer comes from a rich family, lives in an apartment owned by his father and rents an house in Columbia County. Snap! Spitzer, though, said that 50% of Faso's proposed tax cuts would go to the wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers; Spitzer even called Faso' plans "voodoo economics"!!

Faso also brought up the embarrassing case of State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who admitted a state car and driver was used to chauffeur around his wife. Faso said, "Mr. Spitzer calls him an honest, stupendous public official. This is in distinct contrast to how he [Spitzer] treated a county sheriff, who pilfered $4,000, who went to prison." Spitzer couldn't really answer that, but did try to hammer away that Faso was an extremist, even within his own party.

The NY Times assessed that since Faso was more aggressive, he was "more prone to making overstatements or mistakes," though Spitzer had his share of errors. And the Daily News spoke to the Siena Poll's Steven Greenberg who said, "John Faso needs five grand-slam home runs, and he certainly did not get that tonight. Maybe he hit a single." Spitzer, according to some polls, leads by as many as 51 percentage points.

For more about the debates, read coverage from the NY Times and NY Sun. And today is the last day to postmark or personally deliver an application to vote in next month's general election! More information here.

Photograph by David Duprey/AP