2006_06_fasopick.jpgFormer Massachusetts Governor William Weld dropped out of the Republican race, officially letting the much lesser known John Faso take the Republican nomination worry-free. The maneuvering seemed to come after various state GOP bigwigs asked Weld to step down after Weld, who was initially supported by Governor Pataki and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, made a poor, but viable-enough-to-force-a-primary showing during the GOP convention. Faso is conservative, while Weld was much more moderate, and the GOP is setting up this fall's election to be much more black and white for voters. However, a poll says that Spitzer is leading candidates by 50 points. While it's still early and the public needs to know who exactly Faso is, Newsday reports that one person polled said, "I hate Democrats," yet will be voting for Spitzer anyway. GOP, this is what you get for giving us a third term of Pataki.

So, now that Weld is officially out, the state GOP is setting its eyes on getting Katherine "KT" McFarland out of the Senate race. Former Yonkers mayor John Spencer won last week's Republican convention nod, but McFarland was saying she would force a primary. Again, whoever the Republican candidate is, it's going ot be an uphill battle against Hillary Clinton.