This is just great: There may be hidden messages in the London bombers' clothing. It seems that some of the July 7 and July 21 bombers were wearing clothes with New York or Yankees logos. What, no love for the Mets? In last week's slightly controversial briefing, the NYPD said, "We immediately seized on the fact that there were New York insignia. We spent a lot of time examining this. We still don't know precisely what it meant." As in, does it mean that the bombers are trying to target New Yorkers, taunt New Yorkers, or just appreciate how awesome New York is? Given the way the City wants to act during this kind of suspicious behavior, Gothamist knows only one way to stop it: Burn anything NYC related overseas and BAN the export of anything NYC related outside of the fifty states (and Puerto Rico). Or, to keep an even closer eye on the goods, just limit NYC paraphenalia to the five boroughs. And make people take a test before buying anything NYC related, like, "Name at least two subway lines that are the color 'orange.'"

Gothamist on the London bomber's NYC sweatshirt. And if you do want to show off your love of your home, go to Neighborhoodies or buy a Gothamist t-shirt to do it up right - don't let the terrorists win!