Television icon and '70s sex symbol Farrah Fawcett passed away today in a hospital in Santa Monica, California. According to Newsday, the anal cancer she had been suffering from since 2005 had recently spread to her liver. A documentary TV program about her rounds of treatments for the disease, "A Wing and a Prayer," aired last month, and her death comes just days after actor Ryan O'Neal revealed plans to marry Fawcett. Aaron Spelling, who cast her in "Charlie's Angels," wrote in his memoir, "We were looking for a California beach girl type and Farrah was perfect for that. She was drop-dead gorgeous and the living image of the beautiful blonde in tennis shorts or a bathing suit."Recalling her work on the series, Fawcett once said, "When the show was number three, I figured it was our acting. When it got to be number one, I decided it could only be because none of us wears a bra." And Robert Greenwald, the producer who cast her in her most respected TV role, in "The Burning Bed," says Fawcett "went places that a beautiful star like her had not gone and that will have a lasting mark."