Word is that infectious disease specialist Dr. Thomas Farley is set to become the city's new health commissioner. In recent years, Farley was a senior adviser to Dr. Thomas Frieden, who has left his post in order to head up the Center for Disease Control. The mayor is expected to make the announcement tomorrow. On Friday, Bloomberg said, "I didn't want this city, particularly at a time when you have H1N1 on people's minds, to go without a health commissioner." Currently six city schools are closed due to swine flu. Farley, the current chairman of the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, co-authored a paper with Frieden titled “Public Health in New York City, 2002-2007: Confronting Epidemics of the Modern Era." Former health official told the Times, “Tom Farley is a really top-notch epidemiologist and a really, really well-respected public health official. He has a lot of interest in addressing the issues that are causing people to have poor health.”