2006_01_farleypo.jpgA couple weeks ago, Gothamist wondered what was going on with the scaffolding outside the James A. Farley Post Office at 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue. Sure, there must be restoration work of some sort, but it looked very Christo, as it is a huge building that takes up two blocks. Now the Daily News reveals that the scaffolding is being offered as advertising space. That's 21,000 square feet of space! The space will be available from March till the fall, and Maura Moynihan, who is trying to rally the efforts to turn the post office into the Daniel Moynihan Station (her dad was a strong supporter of moving Penn Station) that will house the LIRR and NJ Transit, gave the plan her blessing, telling the News, "Anything that helps get the jackhammers moving to get the Moynihan station on track is fine by me."

Gothamist on the temporary and illegal ad on the Flatiron building.