Do you see the sun, setting so serenely behind those luxury housing developments near the Hudson River? Yes, it's bidding you farewell for the night, but it's also saying goodbye for the foreseeable future, because starting TOMORROW, we're getting smacked with some legitimately cool weather. Remove your A/C unit, put on your stretchy pants and steal your cousin's Amazon Prime password, because WINTER'S HERE, BABY, and you'll be hermit-ing it up until April.

That's right—today, the Northeast was blessed with one last puff of warm air, but tomorrow, you'll have to toss your sandals in the trash where they belong. AccuWeather says it's going to drop down to a far less pleasant 50 degrees tomorrow, with the possibility of a snow shower tomorrow night. And it looks like temperatures are going to plummet even more over the next week, with highs hovering in the low to mid 40s—average highs in November are usually in the low to mid 50s, so you can blame this one on tropical storms flowing in from the West.

It looks like temperatures will tick back up to normal by the end of next week, but "normal" for November is still cold, and the months of being unable to step outside your apartment without sustaining nose frostbite are nearly upon us. This winter might not be the trans-Siberian trek to Yuriatin we experienced last year, but this is still the Northeast, and it's not not going to be cold, no matter how many useless cropped sweaters you've purchased (why is this a thing?)

Things could be worse, of course. It snowed in the Midwest this week, and now that region is experiencing a "potent blast of arctic air," according to The Weather Channel. On the flip side, California is out of water, or something. And Florida has had so few hurricanes this season that they're overrun with oranges. It's tough down there in the Sunshine State.

Well, goodbye, warmth. Goodbye, fire escape. Goodbye, potentially lethal rusted ladder to the roof. Hello, ocean-sized snow puddles. Do we have enough salt this year? Let's check on the salt.