If you have any lingering nostalgia for the taxis of yesteryear, it's time to begin saying your goodbyes: Today, the TLC signed regulations ensuring the Nissan NV200 will be the "Taxi of Tomorrow." Learn to like it.

The cabs, which Mayor Bloomberg unveiled last May, will start appearing on streets in October 2013, when taxi fleets will be required to replace retiring cabs with the Nissans. As we've told you earlier, the new cabs boast lovely conveniences like separate climate controls for passengers that aren't just a series of tubes and USB slots so you can charge your phone (cables not included).

These taxis may be stocked with bells and whistles, but newer does not always mean better. Some have criticized the design of the Nissan as large and clunky, calling the Taxi of Tomorrow the "Minivan of Yesterday."

Handicapped residents are also snubbed by the TLC's new taxis, as none of the Nissans are wheelchair-accessible. For the thousands of disabled in New York, they can use the TLC's dial-a-cab service to hail one of the 200 taxis—or, about 1% of all cabs—which are wheelchair-accessible. And then they can wait half an hour.