Looks like the MTA may have to make new subway advertisements about how much money you save by having an unlimited Metrocard: Apparently, the MTA is considering another subway/bus far hike. But this time, the fare hike would affect those with unlimited Metrocards. The monthly unlimited Metrocards, which are now $70, would be $73, and weekly pass fares would increase from $21 to $24. The agency has a $800 million budget gap, and the fare hike would be used to help ease that, by raising $300 million. MTA sources told CBS News that service cuts might be used to make up the remaining $500 million; the M, V, J, Z, G and C trains are the lines with the lowest ridership, while the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, D, L and Q were the lines last affected in a service cut back in 1995. The $2 fare is in tact (or promised) through 2007, but the budget issues affect other proposed projects, like the Second Avenue subway and moving the LIRR to Grand Central.

Has anyone heard about this? And while this news is irritating, it's one of those things riders are powerless to do anything about, except grouse. The subway is the only way to get there many times. Gothamist on the fare hike to $2 subway rides.